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Die Veranstaltung hat bereits begonnen und eine Anmeldung ist nicht mehr möglich. Bitte werfe einen Blick auf die anderen Veranstaltungen von opencampus.

The aim of the Business Buddy Program is to support the exchange of know how and expertise between employees of selected companies and international students. The interactions will be based on similar interests, language and communication skills. You as a student should be curious, open minded and willing to learn. By getting in touch with a Buddy you will be able to expand your network and get an impression and importent know how of the german working environment. On the other hand, the company might benefit from you as a associated student with a diffrent culturual background, foreign language skills, new ideas, and potentially from your know-how concerning the country where the company might has some business related interests.

The Kick-off meeting is on April 27 at starterkitchen!

If you want to join the Business Buddy Programm please registry via the following link

Information for interested companies

What is the Business Buddy program?
The Business Buddy Program aims to bring highly motivated international students together with local companies in order to achieve the best possible exchange of knowledge through synergies from which both sides benefit.

How does the Business Buddy program work?
Interested employees from your company have the opportunity to get together with individual international students as a buddy pairing for a limited period. This is done on the basis of common interests and qualifications through a matching process. In a first kick-off meeting the business buddies will get the opportunity to meet and exchange for the first time. The project period is from the beginning of April to the end of September 2017. During this time, three official meetings take place, in which all participants are given the opportunity to exchange experiences.

What are the requirements?
Are you interested in an intercultural exchange of knowledge and experience and willing to let your buddy participate in your work process occasionally? Would you like to promote your foreign language skills? Would you like to inform interested students about the diversity of the German labor market?

We find a suitable buddy.

Business Buddy Program Kick-off