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Die Veranstaltung hat bereits begonnen und eine Anmeldung ist nicht mehr möglich. Bitte werfe einen Blick auf die anderen Veranstaltungen von opencampus.

The digital revolution of the last decade has unleashed creativity and talent in an unprecedented way, with unlimited opportunities.
Let’s play with it!

Build your own ideas and explore new technologies with opencampus.sh. We will help you to find your field of interest and connect you with motivated and inspirering people.
We would like to give you a smooth start in the playful startup world of Kiel. We will organize a human cardboard game in the Wissenschaftspark Kiel.
You don’t need to be or be able to do something special, you just need a curious and playful mind.

Join us to

– Meet and team up with curious international people
– Explore our starterkitchen.de Coworking Space
– Dive into Virtual Reality
– Chat with the CEO of the Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel
– Check out the Fablab.sh, our hightech workshop for everybody
– See how 3D-Printing works
– Try some lasercutting
– Taste delicious food
… and most of all GET READY TO PLAY